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International Behavior Analyst (IBA)

The International Behavior Analyst is an independent practitionar and is responsible for overseeing work of Behavior Therapists as well as providing ethical behavior analytic services to individuals with autism and neurodevelopmental delays. This certification is equivalent to being a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and is obtained through the International Behavior Analyst Organization (IBAO). To become a certified International Behavior Analyst, candidates must either complete a master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) or complete 270 hours of coursework in ABA and accumulate 1000 hours of supervised fieldwork practice. Our program is recognized and approved by the IBAO, ensuring high-quality and reliable education.

Certification Requirements:
  • Minimum Bacherlors or a Masters Degree

  • 270-Hours Coursework through an Approved Content Provider

  • 1000 Hours of Fieldwork Practice under a qualified Supervisor

  • 12 CEUs (Continuing Education Units)

  • Pass Candidate Skill Testings

  • Pass the IBAO Exam

Learn more detailed requirements about this certification please visit the website:

Our IBA Course Cohort is starting in December. Please see details below...

IBA Training

Our comprehensive program comprises four semesters, each spanning approximately three months, resulting in a total duration of around 11 months to complete the course. Throughout the program, you will engage in detailed coursework, live classes, class projects, assignments, videos, podcasts, quizzes, exam preparation, journal article and book chapter readings allowing you to gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter. We make sure that instruction hours and student's work amounts to the intended learning outcome of the program. All materials and books are provided in E-format and included in the course fee. The entire coursework can be completed online. We are committed to deliver high-quality content and ensuring our students have a fulfilling learning experience throughout the duration of the program.

IBA Supervision

IBAO requires all students to complete 1000 hours of supervised fieldwork practice. During this practice, students work under the supervision of an IBA in order to acquire the necessary skills for their future careers. At our organization we offer supervision on first come first serve basis. The supervision is provided at a rate of 1 hour for every 20 hours of practice. This fieldwork practice is conveniently offered online, allowing students to complete it at their own pace and from any location. The purpose of supervised field work practice is to:

(A) Prepare individuals to effectively supervise a team of IBTs (B) Provide high quality effective behavior analytical services (C) Become certified as behavior analyst by passing the IBA exam.

We are accepting only limited number of students to ensure quality of the program. For registration details, please contact our team.

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