Awareness Seminar at Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI)

Ms. Alia Yasir, BCaBA, IBA, and Ms. Wajeeha Mujeeb, ACCA, RBT, were invited as guests to talk about neurodevelopmental disorders at FPCCI. They were joined by Mr. Anwar Usman, deputy Convener FPCCI, Ms. Alliya Batool Haidery, BCBA, CEO Pakistan Center for Autism, and Mr. Shehroz Sameja, CEO Solutions equipment. The event was a success, with insightful discussions and valuable information shared regarding neurodevelopmental disorders. Attendees were engaged and eager to learn from the expertise of the guest speakers. As a token of appreciation, certificates were also distributed to the IBT trainees who attended the event. It was a productive and informative gathering that aimed to raise awareness and provide support for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Certificate Distribution Ceremony

The certificate distribution ceremony for our IBT candidates was held in March 2023. We were privileged to have Dr. Michael Mueller, PhD, BCBA-D as our honored guest. Dr. Mueller shared his valuable insights about the IBAO credentials, providing our candidates with a deeper understanding of their significance and the opportunities they bring. The ceremony was a moment of pride and accomplishment for all the successful candidates who had diligently worked towards achieving their IBT certification. It was a time to celebrate their hard work, dedication, and commitment to their professional development. Dr. Mueller's presence and expertise added a special touch to the ceremony, inspiring the candidates to continue their growth and make a positive impact in the field.

Workshop on FBA and BIP

Ms. Alia Yasir, BCaBA, IBA was invited as a guest speaker for a workshop on parent support organized by Autism Resource Group Pakistan Facebook Page. The workshop aimed to provide valuable information and guidance to parents of children with autism. With her expertise in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and her experience in working with individuals on the autism spectrum, Ms. Alia Yasir shared valuable insights, strategies, and techniques to help parents better understand and support their children. The workshop was an opportunity for parents to learn more about autism, its challenges, and effective ways to promote their child's development and well-being. The event was highly appreciated by the participants, as it provided them with practical tools and resources to navigate the unique journey of raising a child with autism.

Our IBT/RBT 40 Hour Training online programs

We started our series of 40-hour trainings for behavior therapists back in 2022, and we are thrilled to announce that we now have a total of over 100 trainees worldwide! It is an exciting time for us as we continue to grow and expand our reach. These trainings provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to aspiring behavior therapists, equipping them with the necessary tools to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals with behavioral challenges. Our commitment to training excellence ensures that our trainees receive top-notch education and guidance from experienced professionals in the field. We are proud to see our trainee community growing and look forward to witnessing the transformative work they will do in their respective communities.

Best Practices in Applied Behavior Analysis

We recently organized a free seminar focusing on the best practices in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We were delighted to have Ms. Ghaliya Shafqat, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Qualified Behavior Analyst (QBA), as our guest speaker. Her expertise in the field allowed her to shed light on the significant ethical concerns that are crucial in the practice of ABA. The seminar provided valuable insights and practical knowledge to all attendees, enabling them to enhance their understanding of ethical considerations in ABA. Through the seminar, we aimed to promote ethical awareness and ensure the highest standards are upheld in the application of ABA.

Seminar on Fostering Positive Behavior Change in a classroom

Ms. Alia Yasir was invited as a guest speaker to conduct a seminar in collaboration with EDLAB Pakistan. The focus of the seminar was to shed light on promoting positive behavior change in a classroom and providing effective strategies for classroom management to teachers. Alia shared her valuable insights and experiences, emphasizing the importance of creating a conducive learning environment where students feel motivated and engaged. She discussed various techniques, such as positive reinforcement, setting clear expectations, and group contingencies at play. The seminar proved to be an enlightening session for the attending teachers, who gained practical knowledge and tools to implement in their classrooms. Overall, the event served as a platform to enhance the professional development of educators and empower them to create a positive and productive learning environment for their students.